Best Web Comics!!!!


A fantasy world created by Uru-cha, where the powerful rules. But is always like that? What it means to be powerful, can you do whatever you want just because you can?

I really liked this ongoing story im so hopping for an update!!!!

You can see more about the comic in Wikia UnOrdinary Fandom base

Killing Stalking

Received First Prize winner of Lezhin’s 2nd World Comic Contest

You probably heard about it already…BUT DANGGG THIS S*HIT IS STRONG!! It has drama, shounen-ai, emotional and physical abuse, psychological… and so on… its really fucked up!!! But all my friends that sees it loves it… and we plainly use reference of this webcomic in our daily lives!!

I love the Art and the way the story is written!!! Give it a go!! Its not like you´ll become someone like Yoonbum or  Sangwoo (maybe?)!!!


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