Korean Movies

Ajeossi or The Man from Nowhere (2010)

I really like this movie, if you like action and fights then you should be watching this movie.


Mr. Idol


Definitly a good movie about a kpop group called “Mr. Children”. I really liked this story! Its strong, the musics are beautiful and the characters are awesome!!


Cold Eyes

I loved this movie for many reasons! The action, the mental game… Anyway not giving any spoilers but i loved the “bad guy” and i just wanted to know more about him… I saw a lot of comments were people said the same thing so you might as well (ahahah)


secretly greatly

A movie worth seeing!!! Kinda sad, kinda happy, kinda…its like seeing a “new korea” Maybe this is not all fantasy,  maybe it is… i dont know, but makes me question… Anyway its a really good movie and you connect with the charactes.


Fashion King, 2014

Funny and fashionable you really should see this!! Made me laugh so much!!!





Really great! I loved the characters, the plot…if you like to see investigations, and so on…you have to see this!!


The Priests






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