OMG Cant belive that i just saw this today

One of this days i asked my cousin if she knew some old musical film, since im totaly in love with them. But who would thought that this masterpiece existed??? I feel so ignorant!!

TINA- Whats love got to do is definetly a movie to watch not only because the cast is amazing:Picture1.png

but its also a living testimony of the greatest female singers alive Tina Turner! I always knew her because of her beautiful legs and awesome voice, but never…I never would imagined that she had that life.

Im literally proud of her and i really suffered during the movie!

One of the other things  i really liked about the movie was the religious part…i never thought that  she would take strengh from budism, and i really apreciated, because it really pushes people to move forward, or so i think! I mean im not against other religiouns theyre different in its own ways, and i like to relate myself in those differences. It was really something new for me! So i liked to be surprise in that way. After seeing the movie i searched for it and found this blog where i saw this side of Tina i never knew.

If you didnt saw this movie you really have to go and see it right now!!!

To see the trailer  here! and here to see this amazing video about The Making of the movie, but only if you already saw it!


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